How Much Time Do You Need For Master's Thesis

The compilation of the thesis is more based on the collection and the organization of the data. The real time is not required for the compilation and the organization of the data, but it is the actual organization ad composition of the data that requires more time. The collection of the data is based on the research methodology that has been selected by the researcher. It may be the survey, the lab based methods, or the simple collection of the literature from the selected sources. In all of these cases, it is known that the real time is required for the collection of the data. 

Collection of the data
Based on the topic that has been selected, it is seen that most time is required by the collection of the data with the help of the selected research methods. These can be based on the lab research in which case the student a to carry out lab experiments in order to get the results. The time required in this case is more based on the achievement of accurate results. There are many factors that play role in achievement of accurate results in these cases. These can include the conditions of the lab, the method and the time required by the method itself and the level of accuracy that is being used by the researcher. In the case of the method of interview and survey, the time is well defined. The survey questionnaire is submitted and it is collected after a fixed time from the respondents or the participants. The surveys can be submitted and collected in a period of a week to the max. In the case of the lab results, the methods can take up to years. Thereby, main time is needed in the lab methods and the collection of the results from the lab.

Compilation of the results

In order to save time, any results that have been collected need to be written down in the form of a draft. These can then be given a final form.These can take up to three days. In the case of the survey based research, the collection and the compilation of the results is not a time taking event. It can require maximum of a day.

Concluding the results

This is one of the main tasks that does not require any time. As soon as the results are collected, the conclusions are made in the mind of the researcher. These are the ones that only need to be put down on the paper. When focused upon, this is the work that can add up to a day maximum. The conclusions need to be drawn in a more focused and a brief manner. It is important that the conclusions are linked with the main topic and can lead the reader to a certain conclusive point.

In conclusion, a total of two years is more than enough for the compilation of the master’s thesis. However, for this it is important that the student start to work on the thesis on time.
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