First Look at the Most Anticipated Marvel Movie, Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War, quite possibly the most anticipated movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception. And a “first look” was just released on the internet which caught everyone’s attention. Now, why is this movie so important? We will have to go through a bit of history to get to the answer. Marvel cinematic Universe has been the source of entertainment for millions around the globe, spanning across almost a decade now. Back in 2007, when the production for Iron man 1 had started, the dream was too big to even be considered a serious production challenge. But after the success of Iron Man 1, that made more than 98 million UD Dollars on its opening weekend across theatres in the United States and Canada, it was evident that this franchise has immense potential and could be very profitable to the production house and the studio. The studio then went on to release, The Incredible Hulk, but that didn’t do as well as Ironman, in fact it felt quite evident that the movie wasn’t a strong entry, or even an average entry for that matter.

So the studio cut it down a notch and worked on its timing. The next movie released by Marvel was in May 2010, Iron man 2. This movie did well, on the opening weekend it made nearly 133 million US Dollars. And so began the phase one of Marvel cinematic universe, that saw Ironman come in to power and become a sort of a figurehead, we also discovered at this time the S.H.I.E.L.D. is working in the background on something big. S.H.I.E.L.D. of course being a very important part of the Marvel Comics Universe. Then we are introduced to Thor, and most importantly, Captain America, The first avenger. So now the audience started getting the hang of where the plot was heading with all these movies. The Studio was building up the avengers team by giving each major character a movie and finally assembling them and making one epic Avengers movie, which they did in May 2012. So this was unlike anything else seen before, the concept of a “shared universe” across multiple movies was really well received by the audience.

Now we, being dissertation writing service experts, move on to the “Phase 2” that saw character development for Tony Stark in The Ironman 3, as well as for Thor and Loki in Thor: The Dark World. Captain America made reappearance along with Bucky in Captain America: he winter soldier. From here, Marvel moved on to something completely different, something that was unexpected till it was announced. Marvel made a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This was unexpected because unlike all the other movies, Guardians was a relatively new comic that only had something of a cult following and wasn’t mainstream until the movie hit the cinemas. The movie was really well received, however it contained one particular scene that made it very interesting and perked up the fans ears with regards to future developments on the plot. They introduced Thanos. Now Thanos is one of the most powerful and somewhat intriguing characters of Marvel. He is said to be an immortal being that possesses enough power to control all of the infinity stones and the gauntlet that holds them. Even though the infinity stones were introduced during the phase one of Marvel Cinematic Universe, they weren’t given an explanation until Guardians came out.

After Guardians of the Galaxy, came the second avengers movie, The Age of Ultron, this movie saw the avengers fight the mighty Ultron and introduced The Avengers to the concept of infinity stones as well. Phase 2 ended with the introduction of Ant Man. May 2016 saw the beginning of phase 3 and it was a bitter sweet moment for the fans because the first movie in this phase, Captain America: Civil war, saw the Avengers split and form into two groups. For those who did not read or followed the comics, this was a he twist. And again a surprise entry was made by introducing Doctor Strange in to the Universe. This surprise twist was well received by the audience as well. So you can see why the next Avengers movie is already so anticipated, but the new first look released by Marvel took I to a whole new level.

The “First Look” video provided by Marvel starts off with providing the audience with a brief overview about the infinity stones and the powers that they hold. Then the video goes on to show a few brief discussions with the Ironman actor Robert Downing Jr, Spider man actor Tom Holland, Star Lord aka Chris Pratt and the directors, the Russo brothers. They all talk about the story and the overview about the upcoming movie all the while a few sets from the movie are shown as well. Marvel boss Kevin Feige also provides his input: "Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that started in May 2008 with Iron Man, Thanos shows us why he is the biggest, the best, the baddest villain that we've ever had, and the most frightening villain that the Avengers have ever faced."

Then a scene, probably from the movie shows the Infinity gauntlet being picked up, presumably by Thanos himself. So, Thanos as the antagonist of the 4th Marvel movie is going to be as epic as the entire universe itself. We saw Spiderman, starlord and the ironman giving the interviews, so it’s understood they will be in the movie alongside each other. There were also Concept art shots that showed Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy fighting alongside Thor. Also a really nice concept art shot of Thanos is there that looks really cool. Also a shot with Tony Stark looking at an assembly line of Ironman suits? Can’t be certain about that. So, this latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has all the fans worked up and excited about the upcoming epic. Stay tuned for more info on the updates about the movie.

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