5 Brilliant DIY Ideas for College Christmas Preparation

DIY stands for ‘Do it yourself’. A method of building and modifying different things without the aid of professionals is known as DIY. If we talk about DIY in an academic sense, we come to know that the use of raw and semi-raw material for the purpose of producing new material is known as DIY ideas. We can also use these DIY ideas for the preparation of different kinds of motivational projects. We can also use these DIY ideas in order to enjoy our happy event of Christmas. Here, we will discuss 5 brilliant ideas for college Christmas preparation.

DIY air plant pots

You can go green on this Christmas by hanging air plants in wooden or mud pots. These air plants are known as the symbol of bright and uplifting decoration pieces. Moreover, these air plants pots will last all year long. It means that if you have prepared this DIY project and hanged this project with the window wall or office desk, you will not be able to forget your happy event of this Christmas all along the year. There are also different DIY ideas to hang these DIY air plants. For example, you can hang these plants in geometrical shape. You can also prepare hangers for these air plants and hang it at any place in your college. You can also simply hang this air plant just with the help of a rope. You can also prepare pocket air plant holders and give these holders as gifts to your fellows on this happy event of Christmas. 

Love coupons

To create love coupons is also an essential DIY idea to prepare you for this happy event of Christmas. You can prepare these love coupons for your teachers and friends by name. When you give these love coupons to them, they will never be able to forget your love for them all around the year. There are different ideas to prepare these love coupons. First of all, you can print these love coupons along with the name of your teachers and friends. Secondly, if you want to show some extra love and attraction to your teachers and friends, you can also prepare these love coupons by hand. Different things to print or make on these love coupons are a relaxing back rub, home-cooked meal, a relaxing foot massage and outdoor adventure etc.

Handmade vinyl record books

In your list of college teachers and students, there will be some teachers and students who show enough attraction towards music and writing. For them, you can prepare special gifts. These special gifts can be in the form of handmade vinyl record books. For this reason, you just need to take a notebook or journal from the market and design this notebook with hand. After designing this notebook, you just need to hold the vinyl records on the cover of the book. When your teacher or friend listen recorded music on this vinyl record or he will try to write anything on the notebook, he will remember your love on the happy event of Christmas. 

DIY battleship sweets game

It is also an inspiring DIY project for your college Christmas preparation. You just need to design a battleship game on the board. On the board, you should hang some boxes and in these boxes, you should keep sweet for your friends and teachers. You should invite your friends and teachers to play this battleship game with you. When they spin the board and they win different kinds of sweets, they will not be able to forget your love and fun of this game on Christmas in all around the year. Moreover, you can also specify different sweets in different boxes and allow the participants to fight for their favourite sweets. At the end of the game, you should also try to give some amount of sweet or any other dish to all the participants.

Your garden stone

As we know that there are lots of trees in the college. Therefore, to design a garden stone to keep in these trees is also an essential DIY idea to you. You just need to prepare a list of your friends and teachers and try to get an idea of who is your best friend or teacher. After deciding about your best teacher and friend, you should try to design his name on this stone. After keeping this garden stone on a specific place in the college, you should invite to this person whom you are dedicating it. He will remember your love on this Christmas throughout his life.

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