Format And Guide To Writing An Executive Summary Of A Business Report

Are you feeling panic of writing a business report, if you are feeling trapped, you need to remember the words of Joe Friday, “ business report is all about the facts and writing a detail about facts that is not intricate” So, you need to understand that a business report will be pretty by including true facts. As we know that a business report is additional document that gives information about business decision and analysis. However, the main intent of writing a business report is the collection of data that is related to a company such as procedures, products, information about methods and competition. Collecting data makes it easy to adopt a new method and changes in order to gain success.

Parts of a business report 

Before discussing the executive summary, we should know complete information about business report writing. Basically, a business report has consisted of 7 parts. These seven parts are extremely essential that are given below.

1. Executive summary 
2. Table of contents 
3. Introduction 
4. Body 
5. Conclusion 
6. Reference 
7. Appendix

Writing An Executive Summary

An executive summary is the first part of a business report that should be comprehensible and succinct, it should be written two or three pages and present all main points in this part but in a professional mode. In simple words, an executive summary is detailed information to a business plan. So, give detail about business, its problems and target to achieve as well as financial highlights. A business summary should be written in exceptional method and summaries all essential information that is related to business.

The Benefits Of A Well-Structured And Well-Written Executive Summary

A well-written summary is most useful to develop a deep understanding of the critical issue without any special difficulty and a reader can understand the method of solving this problem. However, students find it the most difficult task, but they should keep in mind that business report writing is not a difficult process. A well-written executive summary creates a strong impression over the reader and supports the position of products. Getting complete information about the subject of content makes an executive summary more polished as well organized. An executive summary should be build up in a variety of cases that are giving below:

Business plan
Legal details
Products detail as well launched plan
Market plan and research plan
Environmental study 
Project proposal and survey details
Hospital evaluation as well as planning

Format Of An Executive Summary For A Business Report 

Every executive's summary gives detail about the business plan so, it takes first place in the business report. Although, it is written in a formal way, however, its format is very complicated. An executive summary is like a profile that gives funding and planning. Basically, the format and length of the summary are based on the topic and purpose that you want to discuss in your business report. Here we are going to discuss the simple format of an executive summary that you can use for writing a good business report.

Order of appearance: After getting an introduction, you need to decide the next parts in the summary that you should be well-written and polished. You need to organize heading as well as sub-heading in the summary. Use bullet as space between the words, make your content eye scanning. Create a double margin and write between the papers in simple or concise words. Keep your sentences short; don’t write too many lengthy and complex words.

How much is too much; as we have discussed above that summary should be written in two or three pages so, write the main purpose. Write your summary in specific word, however, it should be comprehensive as well as understandable. A simple method of writing can grab the attention of the readers, so don’t use technical jargon in your writing.

Audience aim: You need to develop a match between the tone and the audience target. Don’t use technical jargon and use a professional way of scribing the things. Give short background information about your topic and write it in the first person.

What To Include In An Executive Summary 

Write an introduction and powerful statement that can grab the attention of the readers 

In the left side of the report, write the company information as well as foundation information

Write a summary about your future plan, products and services details

Market analysis is the key question of the reader, so don’t forget to write it

Competition analysis, write what is the advantage of the competition and what are the opportunities in the future.

Financial details, as well as data, should be relevant and true

Don’t sum up in length words 

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