How Common People Can Play Their Role in Community Education?

Community Education
Education can be defined in many ways but simply put, it is an act or a process in which gaining knowledge, building the ability to reason and judge and training for matured life is provided to the learner. The main reason why most of the countries in the world have not been able to improve their literacy rate and move forward is lack of education, community learning and proper modes of instruction. While individual learning focuses on developing a person, community education is all about helping to develop a better society with the aid of various programs designed to include even the deprived members.

What Is Community Education And What It Does?
Community education is better known as community-based learning and developing and its main objective is to promote learning and social development within a community or a society with a variety of formal and informal methods. These methods or programs are often introduced by the government or by non-profit organizations that aim to work for the development and learning of a particular society. These community education programs provide common people a chance to develop basic literacy skills including reading, writing and problem solving that help them live a better life and become useful members of the community. The programs also awards recognition certificates that make it easy for them to find jobs to support themselves without being dependent on anyone else. According to experts of dissertation writing services, community education has three main components:
  • Lifetime learning
  • Community participation in schools
  • Effective use of resources

It is important to understand that education is the most precious as well as the priceless possession one can have and it only helps one in their lifetime. However, as the world is moving forward and technology continues to develop, the value of education is getting diminished and many believe that as long as you have the skills, you do not need education but this is completely wrong. It is only with the help of education that skills can be put to great use and common man can benefit from this and this is where community education comes in.

The Common Man and Community Education:
Community education is all about helping the common people become useful members of society and it seeks to develop their skills and aptitude so that they can do better in the future. The more common man engages in the development of community education, the more this education will help them develop and move forward in the right direction.

It is the responsibility of the people to see that the governments are taking an active and energetic role and be an active part of these programs for the progress and development of the community. Family and community involvement is very necessary for better partnerships among schools, family and community development as well as individuals as it leads to better outcomes for everyone in the long run.

Common people often do not realize this but they have a lot of power and they hold the ability to change the way a society moves forward. With self-determination, decision making and reading essay examples, the community residents and leaders can be involved in addressing the resources they have as well as the needs of the people and make sure these needs are satisfied which leads to a close-knit and progressing society. The main purpose of community education is to provide the best of knowledge and skills to people to help them become self-sufficient and independent. At the same time, it strives to create and utilize the interdependencies that are a part of civil society.

Community education has become popular in many circles especially educators who are looking forward to ways and means to improve the confidence of people in schools and to encourage public education. It is because community education is the only way of developing a comprehensive and coordinated plan that provides educational, recreational, social as well as cultural services equally for all the people who are part of the society. With the right strategies and approaches only, it is possible to develop such a program that ensures that every person has access to the basic rights.

It is important to know that community education depends on the common people to come forward and play their part before it can address the particular needs and wants of the people in the community. It is because no two communities have the same program, same resources or the same needs so every program has to be worked out according to the needs of its people. The need for community education keeps on changing according to the needs of the people and society to see how successful it is and what more can be done to increase its effectiveness.

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