How to Detect and Remove Plagiarism in Your Thesis

Plagiarism in Thesis
Writing a thesis is no easy task and most of the students face several problems in coming up with the best paper that is highly engaging, interactive, and informative at the same time. Students try working on their thesis as their academic career and future depend on how well they work on their paper but they end up making mistakes that often ruin their hard work and efforts.

Plagiarism is one such problem that many students face; they end up unintentionally plagiarizing in their thesis as they are not aware of the rules and regulations of using free dissertation samples and do not know how to stay away from plagiarism. Students must detect and remove plagiarism in their thesis before handing over the paper to the teacher because plagiarized content will only land them in trouble. Either the teacher will reject the paper or grade the paper very minimally which will spoil any chances you have of securing the highest grades in class or seeking the degree with distinction.

Working on a thesis means accumulating literature and supplying evidence that makes the paper strong; students are required to draw upon previously demonstrated ideas and values to add relevant information in the paper but all this needs to be done very cautiously avoiding plagiarism. It is because plagiarism is the unethical practice of using words and ideas, either by purpose or unintentionally of another author or writer, or even your previous work without acknowledging it properly. Plagiarism is considered a serious academic and intellectual offence and can lead to serious consequences too which makes it necessary for students to avoid it at all costs.

Detecting Plagiarism:
Detecting plagiarism might not be very easy but it can be done by keeping a keen eye on the content and seeing where things seem different than the rest of the content. The choice of words and the tone of the content can often give way and help to detect plagiarism in the paper.

Plagiarism can be detected in the following ways in a thesis:
  • By keeping a track of sources in the paper; students cannot come up with the entire paper on their own or develop content by themselves and sources must be there
  • By crediting the original author in an in-text citation and references list; paper without in-text citation and references means that there is something amiss in the paper
  • By using any of the free or paid plagiarism detection software and tools to check if any part of the thesis contains copied content; there are hundreds of highly reliable and trusted plagiarism checking tools that make it easy for students to run their paper through them to detect plagiarism.

How To Remove Plagiarism From Thesis:
Even if there is plagiarism after the means and ways to detect it has been employed, it is time to remove plagiarized content form the thesis. It will take a little time and efforts but it will ensure that the paper is 100% unique and custom and no one can claim rights to its.

Using A Plagiarism Check Software:
The best thing to do when it comes to removing plagiarism from the thesis is by using a plagiarism checking software. There are hundreds of paid as well as free plagiarism checking tools that help students in detecting and removing the copied content from their thesis. Using the latest technology, the tool will scan the entire document in one go and compare them to a huge database of publications and websites and highlight passages that are overly similar to other texts.

Acknowledge The Works Cited:
Once all the copied or plagiarized content has been highlighted by the tool, it is time to work on removing it. It can be done either by changing the words, ideas, and concepts that have been used in the thesis or it can also be done by acknowledging the author or writer of a dissertation writing service whose ideas or concepts have been used in the paper. It can be anything from an argument to evidence and it must be acknowledged in either the references or with in-text citations to ensure the original work has been credited.

Students need to understand that they can remove plagiarism by learning to write the same thing in different ways. It is a skill that has to be developed over some time and requires a lot of patience. Copying and pasting seem to be the easiest way out but it can land students in big academic trouble; However, they can avoid all the problems by removing the element of plagiarism and giving due credit to the author of the work they are using in their paper.

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